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Generating the Right Content

January 31 2022
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Content generation is the development of written information for any media source, especially in respects to digital media. Many businesses will freelance writers to create various content such as articles, blogs, and case studies that will help put their company on the map. Content generation can be very time consuming for a business that has a limited number of hands helping on day to day operations. With proper use of content generation, you will get two major benefits from these posts. 

Use of Search engine optimization, or SEO in your posts will help validate your business in the current market. Discussing hot topics and how your company addresses or solves those topics in a unique manner, draws a reader’s attention. This can be referred to as content marketing, an example of how this works. Let’s say you are an investor who is looking for the next big break. You study general trends of various industries and come across the health sector. The investor believes that the best opportunity lies within this field, so he begins doing his research. For your up and coming medical business this is great news, because 6 months ago, you hired SwiftDesign to generate content for you.

You sat down with SwiftDesign to create the optimal plan for your company’s needs. Those needs included having a blog written every other week and management of your social media accounts. For the last 6 months SwiftDesign has been posting blogs, added keywords, and sharing them on social media. This creates an impressive bank of informational content that this investor came across on the 1st page of Google. He finds that your content is well written, thought out, and finds out that your company holds a unique opportunity to disrupt the market.

If you had never reached out to SwiftDesign, or never took the time to publish informational content out to discuss current topics, you may have missed this opportunity to catch the investor’s eyes.