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New Ways of Getting Rid of the Middleman

December 20 2021

Behind the front-end of your website, SwiftDesign offers an assortment of tools and resources in a unique dashboard. Each of our clients receive access to this dashboard with the purchase of the front-end. For our customers who are interested in generating regular content updates, we have an assortment of tools that will allow you to add content at any time without needing our developers to do it for you. We understand the importance of your schedules and deadlines, so by cutting out the middleman, we are able to provide you an affordable method to having complete control of your website.

Blogs are an essential tool for business’ to boost SEO and interact with their viewers. Simply writing regular blog posts will allow you to generate traffic to your website. We offer Blog Management, which allows you to upload blogs by dragging them into our dropbox or simply writing it in the template itself. You can edit any of your past blogs, attach photos, and have complete control over how your blog posts look. Once you have your blog written and a photo selected, you can easily share your new blog post on the website and across all your social media platforms with a few clicks. Increasing your website's rank and traffic has never been so simple.

Looking at ways to give our clients more control over their websites, we knew we could provide more useful tools. We noticed the power behind updating and adding events to a website was a great way for them to boost participation. We created a template that will allow you to provide dates, locations, and information that guests would need to know before attending. There is also an RSVP feature that can be added to help you find the total participants to help plan the success of your gathering. Each time you add a new event you can utilize our email solutions to let all your subscribers know that you have a new event planned.

Once you have hosted your event, you can take all the pictures and upload them to the website to allow guests to find copies and share with their family and friends. Add multiple photos to an album in a photo gallery or update select photos across the site by selecting where you want the photo to go. Photo galleries and regularly updated photos are a great way to show customers how active your business is and how much fun you are having.

As we added more features to the website we learned that things could become a bit overwhelming and something could be missed. Customer service with your clients is very important and missing a response could ruin a relationship. We have added a news feed to your dashboard that instantly updates whenever there is a change or an update to the website or from a client. We also set up SMS/email notifications to further improve your awareness. Choose your preferences to when you want to be notified and never miss a blip again. We highly recommend using SMS for your contact forms or inquiries so you never miss an opportunity to make a strong impression and respond to a potential new client as soon as possible.

We also offer Online Purchase Solutions. Selling online is easy with our e-commerce set up. This important feature allows you to manage your budget, invoices, products, sales, and subscriptions. Our secure payment processing system protects your customers and business from fraud and allow them to shop online without worrying. Once your online store is complete, you can easily manage your inventory and watch as your store runs itself. We have automated invoices, receipts, history, and subscriptions so you can focus on the important side of your business, which is your product.

When we talked about email solutions earlier, your dashboard will allow you to access all your company’s emails right from the same location as all your other tools. Utilizing a single platform to manage every aspect of your business saves you time and energy. You can do any of this at any time by logging into your personal dashboard with SwiftDesign.

Your dashboard is designed to look and feel simple, yet remains a powerful platform for you to run your entire business. We have simplified the troubles of running small business with limited resources by providing you with any tool you need. If there is something that we don’t have built into our dashboard that you think would benefit your business, let us know, and we will build it for you right away.

Let SwiftDesign help manage your business and online marketing strategies today.