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Branding with SwiftDesign

November 22 2021

We found that most people coming to us were looking for more than just a website. It was part of a rebranding or marketing plan that would re-image their company and drive traffic to increase visibility. We have added search engine optimization (SEO) to all our websites to drive their websites up to the first few pages of any search engine. We also included secure sockets layer (SSL) to establish a safe and secure website for your viewers. This establishes a safe environment that will promote itself by using keywords in an online presence, pushing your website to the top of web searches. Part of our business relationship with our clients is to help them with any business relationship issue they might run into. So, when we have a client considering rebranding we will gladly provide advice and solutions.

You need to use the right content and strategic approach to show the consumer the value of your product. It is essential to have the professional experience to push the right content in a well-designed layout. When a customer visits your webpage for the first time you want them to see a professional company that is a staple for the product you are promoting. Ways to show professionalism in a website include modern layouts and designs. Having a website that is viewable on all devices and still looks good is also imperative. Combining all this together and you will be on the right path to impressing your viewers before they even start looking at your content.

Now that we have caught the customer’s eyes with the look and feel for the website, it is important to focus on the content displayed. Use of keywords and a carefully designed layout will catch a user’s attention and keep them there when they usually don’t spend more than 10 seconds looking for something to catch their eye before moving on. We can help take the content that you have and highlight the keywords that will help drive positive traffic.

Rebranding your company online is simple with SwiftDesignStudio. We walk you through each step ensuring that the website has everything you need and guarantee it will be successful. We have developed worksheets and various tools to help think of all the possibilities for your company. If there is anything that you want to include or see on your website, let us know, because there is nothing we haven’t been able to do yet. We have great experience in helping to brand small/medium business. In fact, we specialize in helping small businesses get started and grow efficiently.

If you have an old outdated website or no website at all and you are curious about the possibilities of what a website can do for you, reach out to us! We would love to hear your ideas and bounce our ideas off you. Check out some of the websites we have created to see what we are capable of and to even get some ideas of your own. We are easy to reach and eager to help. We look forward to working with you in the near future!